Bitcoin 20

Informations About Bitcoin20

BTC20 is a green ERC-20 version of Bitcoin built on Ethereum. The verified smart contract distributes BTC20 tokens to the staking pool in line with the Bitcoin block schedule. Stake BTC20 to earn a percentage of these rewards.

Main Features of Bitcoin20 

Stake to earn

With every Bitcoin block confirmation, 50 BTC20 tokens are released and distributed to all participants in the staking pool, in sync with the Bitcoin blockchain


Just like Bitcoin, BTC20 is programmed to reduce its simulated block rewards by 50% every four years, starting at 50 BTC20 every 10 minutes.

Combination of Btc and Erc20

Btc20 uses The Erc20, its Faster and cheaper then The Bitcoin chain makeing it more efficient , it also uses the Bitcoin characteristics meaning its token cap is at 21 million and every 4 years there are halvings.